750ml White matte Round Wine Packaging Glass Bottle for Wholesale

We can provide professional customized glass liquor bottles

1.       OEM Custom Design Glass Products .

2.       Custom Color, Capacity, Cap, Logo ,Packaging is Available .

3.      10 years bottles Manufacturer, Large Quantity Order Could Accept .

4.      Like the shape, but can't finding the suitable color? contact us, we can provide what you are looking for .

5.      Just Find new products for your market, no idea about which is the really one you want? contact us, we can help you to find them .


Our glass liquor bottles can choose:

·         Absinthe

·         American Whiskey

·         Bourbon

·         Brandy

·         Canadian Whisky

·         Cognac

·         Gin

·         Irish Whiskey

·         Liqueur

·         Rum

·         Scotch Whisky

·         Single Malt

·         Tequila

·         Vodka

Ø Main functions –

High quality, more transparent, unbreakable, recyclable


-What benefits will you get from (750ml White matte  Round Wine Packaging Glass Bottle for Wholesale)? Ø
we can meet all your requirements including printing logo, decal labels, embossing, engravicng,electroplating, frosting, painting and you can customize printing retail cartons and cork style

Your inquiry will be reply within 12 hours.


Use -Where can (Wholesale clear empty glass bottle ) be used?

 Wineries, shops, homes, craft

Use range -Some common uses of (750ml White matte Round Wine Packaging Glass Bottle for Wholesale)

For brandy whiskey vodka tequila,for olive oil,for juicy ,for Beverage

Main markets