The value of glass bottles

October 15, 2021

1. Has certain scientific value

The glass bottle continuously records the development and characteristics of history, in a sense.

The glass bottle vividly and concretely records the process of social development.

But few people know about the making of wine bottles, so it has higher scientific research value.

2. Glass wine bottles have historical and cultural value

Art bottle is the carrier of bottle culture. The old wine bottle is in the long river of history.

Intuitive and concrete historical witnesses and material records are themselves the cohesion and reproduction of history.

Such as the Ming Dynasty blue and white jade pot spring wine bottle, its beautiful shape, rich decoration, full composition.

Especially the gorgeous and steady blue and white color shows the unique artistic effect of "national porcelain" in the early Ming Dynasty.

The broad and fresh Tang Sancai wine bottles not only reproduce the economic prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.

And it was a testament to the advanced science and technology and the prosperity of culture at that time. The written record on the bottle is even more authentic and true.