Common problems in the production of high white material glass bottles

October 15, 2021

Very large bubbles occasionally appear. The reasons for their occurrence are very complicated, mainly due to process and external factors. The influence of factors. Glass bottle my country's traditional beverage packaging container, glass is also a kind of packaging material with a long history. With many packaging materials pouring into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace.

    In the glass kiln, relative to the colored material, the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the high white material glass liquid is small, the temperature of the lower part is relatively high, and the viscosity is relatively much lower. Therefore, the discharge of bubbles in the high white material glass liquid is much easier. But the absorption of bubbles is much more difficult, mainly because the solubility of gas in the glass liquid is inversely proportional to the temperature.

    Therefore, when considering the problem of cleaning up bubbles in high white material glass, do not ignore the role of bubble absorption method to eliminate, take appropriate measures to reduce the melting temperature, improve the solubility of the gas in the molten glass, and control the amount of material discharged, which can affect the glass The bubbles of the appearance quality of the product are absorbed and cleaned by the glass liquid. Of course, it is not that the lower the temperature, the better. When the temperature drops to a certain level, the problem will go to the opposite side. Not only the bubbles cannot be reduced, but stones will also appear.

 In addition, the gas rate and melting rate should be properly controlled in the production of high white material glass, and it should not be too high. According to production experience: very large bubbles or skin bubbles are generally not related to glass melting, and most of them are generated in the feeding link.