Common defects and precautions of glass bottles

October 15, 2021

At this time, it is a phenomenon caused by the temperature during production. The part with higher temperature is blown. Sometimes it is easy to blow thin, which will cause the glass bottle to appear relatively thin and low temperature part, which is easy to blow thick when blowing, which will cause uneven thickness of the glass bottle. Therefore, the temperature must be strictly controlled during production, so that the thickness of the glass bottle can be uniform during production.


The glass bottle is deformed. In the production of glass bottles, sometimes we may find that the glass bottles are deformed. This is because the temperature is too high during production, and the glass bottles are not completely formed when they are demolded, which will cause the glass bottles to appear after being placed. The phenomenon of staying in, the glass bottle will be deformed, and marks will be printed on the transportation belt, making the bottom of the glass bottle uneven. During the production of glass bottles, the temperature must be strictly controlled to ensure that the glass bottles will not be deformed.


Cold spots in glass bottles. Some glass bottles will have some uneven spots on the surface after they are produced. This is what we call the phenomenon of cold spots. The reason for this defect is that the temperature of the mold is too cold, or the production is started or the production is stopped. This will happen when When producing glass bottles, we must control the temperature, so as to ensure that there will be no cold spots.