How to Label Glass Bottles is a Problem that Many Business Owners Are Very Confused about?

July 08, 2021

How to label glass bottles is a problem that many business owners are very confused about. Everyone knows that glass bottles are colorless and odorless packaging objects. They are relatively heavy and fragile. After glass bottles are filled with goods, they must be labeled with brand trademarks. Few, many business owners buy a special labeling machine for glass bottles to pack glass bottles, so as to achieve a higher level of glass bottles.

The current Chinese industry is far ahead of other neighboring countries, and many high-intelligence labeling machines have been scientifically researched. The original traditional glass bottle labeling technology is easy to break the glass bottle, and the production speed is very slow. Now the technology is greatly improved. , So the cost has been reduced a lot. The glass bottle labeling machine provided by the glass bottle manufacturer has many styles, vertical and horizontal, as well as conical glass bottle labeling machine and round bottle labeling machine. There are square bottle labeling machines, etc. Mr. Xu Longwen, the person in charge of the glass bottle factory, advises everyone to try not to choose special-shaped bottles when choosing bottle types. Subsequent packaging and labeling are very difficult to operate. For example, conical glass bottles are prone to bubbles and bubbles during labeling. Wrinkle, the easiest to handle is the cylindrical glass