How to Use Complicated Methods without Professional Stuff How to Judge the Quality of Liquor Bottles

June 28, 2021

With the improvement of society, glass bottle packaging products are also emerging in endlessly. As usual, there are more and more liquor bottles in the market. Customers are also confused when choosing liquor bottles. How to use complicated methods without professional stuff How to judge the quality of liquor bottles? To judge the quality of the white glass bottle, firstly, it is necessary to investigate whether the bottle body is deformed or tilted, whether the bottle mouth is regular, whether the bottom of the bottle is protruding or sinking, etc.; the other is to investigate whether the bottle body fits well. Be cautious, whether there is a staggered or overly rough scene. Investigating from these aspects can eliminate some substandard liquor bottle products.

Secondly, it is necessary to carefully investigate whether the glass material of the liquor bottle is smooth and clear, whether the bottle contains bubbles, impurities, whether there are cracks and mottles, if there are any above defects, it is necessary to clarify that the product has not been melted and melted during the production process. The cooling process has caused certain defects in liquor bottles and even certain safety risks. In addition, when choosing liquor bottle products, pay attention to the thickness of the bottle body. If the thickness of the bottle body is not enough and the weight is too light, the quality of the liquor bottle product will be slightly inferior. When the bottle body is knocked, it is assumed that the announcement is made. The sound is loud and pleasant, indicating that the quality of the raw materials produced is excellent. If the sound is crisp and dull, it proves that the quality of the wine bottle is not good enough